Tự sướng tý

I've seen lots of early Vietnamese adopters posting about their accounts getting blocked recently. They started blogging & posting about Google requiring users to have "real" name and suggested every one do so to avoid getting block.

These Vietnamese users generally don't expose their real names. They mainly use nickname online and are known by their nicknames online, one of them told me 5+ years. A lot of Vietnamese are from the "Voz" (Vietnamese Overclockerz) group. They created names like AndyVoz, Voz Nguyen, Viet Voz, etc.

Since our "common" name and usage policy is not widely known, many of these accounts got blocked. When they're blocked, there were misconceptions that the profile got deleted instead of temporarily suspended and I had to jump in and correct that. I told them that the accounts are merely blocked and they can appeal and get it unblocked after either fixing their name or proving that's what they're commonly known as. 

FYI, they are great users as some of them created great blogs like theses:
Very useful!


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